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The CHPRC is a multi-disciplinary team of researchers with expertise in each of the four main research areas presented here. Our team includes health promotion and public health practitioners, psychologists, dieticians and nutritionists, teachers, biostatisticians and other highly skilled research staff. The team have active links to the teaching program at ECU and engage with Government and Industry partners and the community in disseminating research findings.


  • Vacant

Deputy Head

Research Staff

Adjunct Staff

  • Queensland University of Technology, Associate Professor Marilyn Campbell
  • Roy Hill Iron Ore, Previously DoE, Ms Jeanette Hasleby
  • University of Turku, Finland, Professor Christine Salmivalli
  • Curtin University, Associate Professor Sharyn Burns
  • WA Secondary School Principals Association, Mr Rob Nairn
  • Curtin University, Associate Professor Clare Roberts
  • Professor Murray Lampard
  • University of Michigan, USA, Professor Ken Resnicow
  • University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Dr Kevin Runions
  • University of Western Australia, Associate Professor Michael Rosenberg
  • Flinders University, South Australia, Professor Phillip See
  • University of South Australia, Dr Barbara Spears
  • University of Western Australia, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Professor Steve Zubrick
  • University of Melbourne, Professor George Patton

Board Members

  • Mr Rob Nairn (Chair)
  • Ms Jeannette Hasleby (Deputy Chair)
  • Associate Professor Stacey Waters
  • Mr Mark Crake
  • Ms Cheryl Gwilliam
  • Mr Neil Stanbury
  • Mr Martin Clery
  • Commissioner Michelle Fyfe
  • Ms Julie Dixon
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