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  • Friendly Schools Plus Books

    Friendly Schools Plus Books

Friendly Schools Plus

The Child Health Promotion Research Centre (CHPRC) and Hawker Brownlow Education are proud to present Friendly Schools Plus a new evidence-based resource for primary and secondary schools designed to build social skills and significantly reduce bullying in school communities.

Friendly Schools Plus draws on 12 years of extensive and rigorous research into best practice, and now includes evidence from four more major research studies, including ways to address cyber bullying, conducted by the CHPRC. The resource comprises over 75% new material, presented in a blended online and print environment.

Friendly Schools Plus provides schools with the strategies and resources to achieve the vision and all nine elements of the newly-revised National Safe Schools Framework.

‘Survey the Scene’- three reliable self-administered, surveys for students, staff and parents to help determine students’ understandings, attitudes, competencies and behaviour.

‘Map the Gap’ - a quick online screening tool to help schools identify what they are doing well and what they need to build on to enhance their current social skills and bullying prevention initiatives.

‘Get Informed’ - a comprehensive book titled Evidence for Practice that describes ‘research-based practice’ approaches which schools can implement to maximise and sustain effective social skill building and bullying prevention strategies.

Plan to Act’ - an in-depth planning tool with targeted strategies to address areas of need identified in the Map the Gap screening tool.

‘Walk the Talk’ - K-9 classroom teacher resource books and a range of online toolkits to assist schools to implement whole-school strategies.

‘Review the News’ - evaluation and reflection tools to monitor the effectiveness of your school’s social skills and bullying prevention activities and to inform planning for the following years.

A powerful professional development model is available to help your school build its capacity to provide high quality learning and support for teachers across the whole school to implement this resource.

For more information on Friendly Schools Plus please contact Hawker Brownlow Education:

Elaine Brownlow (Publishing Director)
Telephone: (03) 8558 2444

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