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Solid Kids Solid Schools bullying prevention project extension: Formative social marketing campaign

Aboriginal families and communities are frequently dealing with the effects of children and young people who bully and are being bullied. There is a need to raise community awareness of these frequent and long-lasting effects by building community attitudes that bullying behaviour is unacceptable and that everyone is responsible for discouraging this insidious behaviour. In addition there is a need to empower Aboriginal families with parenting strategies to help prevent and manage bullying behaviour.

Following on from the Mandurah Bullying Prevention Project (2001-2004) and the Solid Kids Solid Schools (SKSS) Project (2006-2009), this four year study aims to develop a community-based social marketing campaign to reduce harm from bullying in the Yamaji region of Western Australia. It will investigate and pilot test community-based social marketing strategies designed to build capacity among Aboriginal families and the community to prevent bullying through positive parenting strategies. As such, it offers an improved understanding of cross cultural research processes for other non-Aboriginal researchers wishing to work with Aboriginal communities. These research processes will include consultation, dissemination, implementation and evaluation of community-based social marketing strategies to address bullying.

Key outcomes will include engaging in consultation and collaboration with Yamaji community members, conduct focus groups to gain a deeper understanding of participant perceptions on bullying, develop samples of campaign materials in formats requested by Aboriginal families (e.g. press, radio advertisements and posters), pilot test and evaluate the strategies that have been developed then share the findings and consultations with local communities. The potential implication of this project is the positive shaping of the future of Aboriginal families and communities by addressing preventing bullying behaviours.

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For further information about this project please contact Ms Shane Thompson at


Dr Debora Brown
Combined University Centre for Rural Health, Dr Juli Coffin
Ms Dionne Paki
Professor Nadine Henley
Dr Lydia Hearn


Mrs Shane Thompson
Ms Sharon Shires

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