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Constable Care child safety foundation evaluation toolkit

This project developed an evaluation kit for the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation (CCCSF) to independently evaluate their upper primary school theatre performances. The kit included surveys for students and teachers measuring knowledge, attitudes and intended behaviours pre/post for the cyberbullying, arson and community safety plays which had been tested for the face and content validity and reliability. An administration protocol which described how the surveys should be administered to students and teachers, kept confidential and archived appropriately was also produced enabling Constable Care staff to easily and effectively maintain the research/evaluation process. Further, a Microsoft Access database which included tailored databases ready for the input of student and teacher data from each of the surveys was prepared with pre-defined ‘queries’ to enable, with the click of a button, reports to be generated describing student and teacher responses. This toolkit was presented to CCCSF staff in a two hour ‘how to’ workshop.

Project duration


Funding body

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation

For further information about this project please contact Stacey Waters at


Associate Professor Stacey Waters


Ms Kaashifah Bruce
Ms Samantha Baker
Ms Tommy Cordin
Dr Shirlee-Ann Knight

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